Posted by: elpdps | May 31, 2016

OPENINGS for Summer: ELP Kindergarten Readiness

ELP Kindergarten Readiness at Tokeneke Elementary School

Open to both Darien residence and Non- Darien residence

Summertime fun with a focus on Kindergarten Readiness! A Regular Education Teacher and a Special Education teacher will be teaching an integrated class of typically developing students and students with special needs. Each class is modeled after a typical kindergarten classroom with approximately twenty students per classroom. The goal of the readiness program will be to develop independence and familiarity with the Kindergarten school day. The course will promote academic readiness skills such as letter and number recognition and counting, while encouraging students to work independently, in small groups, and large groups on various pre-academic activities.(Children who are age eligible for Kindergarten in the 2016-2017 school year and WILL NOT turn six years of age before January of 2017 are eligible.)

 Dates and Times:

July 5 to August 11


8am to 11:45am


Click the link to register:



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